How does a BEAM Central Vacuum System work?
To create lightweight, powerful cleaning, better air quality and less noise, the BEAM power unit is typically located in the basement or garage, and is connected to convenient inlets throughout the home via vacuum tubing. Plug the hose into an inlet and the system is turned on with a switch on the hose handle. Particles are completely removed from living areas and collected in the power unit’s dirt receptacle.er a 35 Ft Universal hose is also available.
How many inlets do I need?
Most homes require only three inlets to reach every area with the hose and attachments. Each strategically located inlet lets you vacuum approximately 700 to 800 square feet. The power unit features an extra built-in inlet for easy cleaning of the area around the power unit.
Is suction power maintained throughout the whole home?
Yes! A properly installed BEAM Central Vacuum System offers the same powerful cleaning performance at every inlet whatever the distance from the power unit and won’t lose suction over time.
How do I maintain A BEAM Central Vacuum System?
BEAM systems are practically maintenance free. No lubrication or cleaning is ever required. BEAM filters have an exclusive self-cleaning design from the makers of GORE-TEX® fabric, which is five times stronger than other leading filtration media. The filter shakes off dirt and protects the motor so a BEAM system works like new everytime. Because the filter is permanent, there is never a need to replace dirty, messy bags. Just empty the dirt receptacle two to three times per year.