Vacuum Maintenance


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Like any home appliance, your vacuum cleaner needs regular tune-up and maintenance in order to get the job done. Save yourself from the headache of a vacuum cleaner conking out on you in the middle of your cleaning spree.

Central Vacuum Repair

We’re offering a simple and cheap two-phase maintenance program designed to ensure maximum suction power and longer life for your central vacuum cleaner. These maintenance programs are especially best for built-in vacuum cleaners that are over 7 years old.



Phase 1 | Performance Maximizer  – learn more

Phase 2 | Life Maximizer  – learn more

Cost $ 249.99

Our maintenance programs are available for all makes and models of vacuum cleaners. Complete overhaul is performed at our service centers, and you can trust that we deliver vacuum repair and maintenance with only the skilled staff and the best tools. Expect to get back your vacuum cleaner after 48 hours! Phase 1 and Phase 2 must be booked together. Not performed separately. 

Call or email us to set up a one hour service window to check up on your vacuum cleaner on-site.  And if you need that vacuum cleaner looked after as soon as possible, we also do maintenance work on-site for portable systems and components. Call and schedule a service call today.

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